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Safety Tips For Travelers In Poland

About travel safety in Poland and and answer to how safe is Poland.

A question that we often get is, "Is Poland safe?". To answer that you are provided some tips and hints about traveling in Poland.

Generally you can walk the streets of Poland quite safely. And in most areas you can do that at night, too.

So for the most part, you will find it pleasant, comfortable and safe.

There are, however, some things that you should keep in mind.

Poland is like any other country in the world. There are those who prey on tourists. They hang out around train stations, airports and tourist attractions. And some drive unregistered taxi cabs.

Here are some tips:

  • Plan your walk so that you are not confused. Study your maps in your hotel room so they are easier to understand when you are on the street.

  • Use corporate cab services. Do not use independents. (See Taxi Cabs ).

  • Use a money belt or keep your wallet in your front pants pocket.

  • Ask the staff at your hotel where NOT to go.

  • Move away from any young men with empty plastic bags over their arms. They use the bag to conceal their hand movements.

  • Don't get into crowds where you will be bumped from behind.
  • Use credit cards whenever you can. And use ATM machines for cash. But don't carry much cash. You don't need it.

  • The Polish people are very friendly and generally very willing to help. When you need help, ask.

Please note that the tips above apply to traveling in any country in Europe. If were to make a blanket statement about safety in Poland, we would say it is safe. And even the bad spots are definitely much, much safer than many places in the US or Western Europe.

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