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In this special page you can find information not only about Poland hotels but about apartment, bed and breakfast and more.

Additionally, you get access to full travel service.

There are over 900 Polish hotels in the system below. You can also get last minute discounts that the hotels normally do not put on line by using our contact form and telling us a bit about your intentions.


Hotel, Bed And Breakfast And Other Accommodation Rates

If you book a hotel using this service, you can arrange a pickup at the train station or airport and be taken directly to your hotel. After you make your reservation, contact us and we will arrange for your limousine pickup. You will be given contact information after booking.


Please note that not only do you get good hotel rates when you use this service, you also get access to discounted airport and train station transfer services as well us custom vacation and business trip planning.

This is a comprehensive service that you will find can give you personal service with all your travel to Poland needs.

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When you are looking for a place to stay it is often just as important to know about the neighborhood and what extra services it provides. You are most likely not going to spend all your time in the hotel, so you will want to know such things as where to shop, where to party and how to get to the events that you want to attend.

Experience has shown that on the web when people are looking for hotels on the Internet that they also search for a map that shows the location as compared to the city, transportation, convention centers, beaches, and shopping districts. There are maps services on the Internet that you can use to get this information. Simply use the search box to find the location of the hotel and then go to the maps service and you can get a picture of the area around it.

Of course, you can also contact the hotel personally and get information directly from the staff, which information should contain a package of pictures, about its location and what is around it.

If you are going into a new area a technique that is used by many experienced business travelers is to go to the chat rooms for the romance and relationship web sites and contact people in the region. You will find its you can get local information about the hotel, its area, and other information that can be very useful for you when you are traveling in the region. For your convenience here is a link that will take you to chat rooms that you can choose for every country in the world. >

There are alternatives to a Poland hotel that you might want to consider. And they include apartments and bed and breakfast. Beyond that if you have a travel companion who knows Polish, and you are on a budget, then you can use what is called Nocleggi. It is simply a place to put your sleeping bag in an open room. Nocleggi are very popular among young people in Poland.



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