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About and how to find hotels in Warsaw.

One should understand how the star ratings for hotels in Poland are organized. See star ratings for Polish hotels.

The most often searched for hotels in Warsw are the three star hotels.

The search box below will allow you to choose the star ratings of the hotels that you wish.

Alternatively, you can get personal help in your search for a hotel in Warsaw. To do that, send email to with information about what you would like and what you are trying to do. Use our contact form.




Hotel, Bed And Breakfast And Other Accommodation Rates

If you book a hotel using this service, you can arrange a pickup at the train station or airport and be taken directly to your hotel. After you make your reservation, contact us and we will arrange for your limousine pickup. You will be given contact information after booking.



Please note that not only do you get good hotel rates when you use this service, you also get access to discounted airport and train station transfer services as well us custom vacation and business trip planning.

This is a comprehensive service that you will find can give you personal service with all your travel to Poland needs.

Just to give you a bit of a feel for what it is like in Warsaw, here is a video showing a panorama of Warsaw.

To watch in full screen,
Click on Warsaw Panorama

Note that the area in which the hotel is located can be as important as the hotel. So we do recommend strongly that you get personal, free help in choosing a hotel. Send email via our Contact Form














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