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History Of Missile Defense In Poland

The early history of missile defense in Poland as listed in local news articles.

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The early history of missile defense for Poland was bright. It was not that the defense system itself was the most important part of the project to be funded by the US as it was that the US was in really committing to the defense of Poland, or in other words, assuring Poland's independence.

fThe project was controversial from the beginning.

There were many who questioned the ability of missiles from the Middle East in reaching very far into Europe. They did not see the missiles in the Middle East as a danger and as such they saw no need to put a missile defense system in Poland to defend against these missiles.

And Russia saw that the missile defense system was intended to be used as some part of aggression against Russia rather than defense of missiles from the Middle East.

As for Poland's part, as stated above, its main interest was in seeing the US going forward with the project that would entail stationing US troops inside Poland's borders.

There were some economic benefits of course as there always are when a missile base is built. Sometimes in Poland planned on significant improvements in their economies and lifestyles once the bases were built.What the US being the unreliable partner that it typically is change this position once the US it ministrations were changed.

Poland no longer was important as was relationships with Russia.

The land-based missile systems were put on the back burner and finally became history to be replaced possibly by sea-based systems which were advancing.

Russia has responded to the outreach by the US for better relationships by basing missiles in Kaliningrad.

In the links below you can trace most of the early history through news articles that were published by this website.

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