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Health And Medicine In Poland

What you should know as a traveler to Poland and what unique cures are available.

Healthcare is provided to the entire population through a state run medical system.

That system is supplemented by a very active an upscale private medical system.

Many doctors that work in the state hospitals maintain private practices in small clinics.

Others also work in very large private clinics and hospitals on a part-time basis.

The cost of private health care in Poland is well below that of the health care costs in Western Europe. And this results in a great deal of cross-border traffic by people coming into Poland from Western Europe to use the dental and medical services offered in the private sector.

The level of healthcare service quality is quite high. And this is particularly so in the private sector.

For example, long-term Lyme disease treatment in the private sector is affordable. Information about that is at this link.

Eastern Europe has a long history related to home cures and alternative medicines. And such medical practices in Poland are extensive.

There are many health spas, places to go underground in salt caves for asthma cure, alternative medicine cures using Amber and much much more. Some information about these is included in this site map at the bottom of this page.

The younger population extensively uses the fitness centers that you find all over the major cities in Poland. And you find many companies offering information about healthy eating and healthy living.

This attitude of self-help therapy is based in part on the long-standing traditions of local medicines related to Amber, salt and so on.

If you are visiting Poland, please note that you should have health insurance because the health insurance from your own country, particularly the United States, may not provide your coverage in Poland. Here is a link to travel and health insurance for someone interested in visiting Poland.

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