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Gdansk is Poland's window on the Baltic. It is the Polish maritime capital with the population nearing half a million. It is a large centre of economic life, science, culture, and a popular tourist destination. It is on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. You can see a map and satellite image by going to Gdansk Poland Map

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The Gdansk harbour is the largest along the Polish coast and in the entire Southern Baltic basin. It has for ages played a major role in the commercial relationships in Europe. The City's museums, church's, and gallery's collections of art, as well as the historic sites of enchanting beauty, witness a thousand years of the city's continued existence.

Gdansk offers a lot to tourists. It has twenty three kilometers of clean beaches, three organized bathing grounds, and a 130-metre long pier. These are other attractions such as the Gdansk cycling tracks, zoological gardens, the famous Oliwa Park with its ancient trees, the "Gdansk Fortress" Culture Park of City Fortifications with unique authentic military architecture, numerous parks and city squares, or the nature reserves of the Sobieszewo Island and more.

Gdansk is the old German city of Danzig and the architecture of the region has its history in the Germany.

Gdansk is famous for the amber and industry that is concentrated around the city. In the centuries past, Gdansk was the head of what was known as the Amber Road. Amber flowed through the city of Gdansk and down the amber road through Europe into the Middle East.

Just south of Gdansk lies the fortress at Malbourk that was used to control the entire region and to control the amber trade. The Malbourk fortress is a must see for anyone who goes into the Gdansk region.

When one goes to Gdansk, one actually goes to the twin cities of Gdansk and Sopot. Along the shores of Gdansk and Sopot are some of the nicest beaches in Poland. And both cities are geared to the tourist trade so visiting the beaches is a very pleasant experience. And there's a lot to do around the beaches so you can keep yourself busy nights and when it rains..

The Moll at Gdansk is very popular among tourists and Polish people. Very few people go to Gdansk without visiting the Moll.

The Gdansk Old Town is also a very popular stopping place. At the Old Town you cannot only find unique Polish products but also a large number of restaurants where there is food to satisfy all tastes.

The driving road from Warsaw to Gdansk is a difficult task. It is typical of poor Polish roads and the Polish drivers use it aggressively.

It is very common for Polish people to take the train from Warsaw to Gdansk. The train ride is fast and convenient. It only takes about four hours to get there and when you get there you are well rested. The train drops you in the center of the town and very close to the Old Town .

At Gdansk you can make other connections to a head farther north to the Wladyslawowo region and to the northern beaches that line the Baltic.

Gdansk, of course, is the home of the Solidarity trade union movement. It was at the Gdansk shipyard that Lech Walesa famously led Solidarity and Poland forward towards freedom from communism. The cranes of the Gdansk shipyard are very visible as you pass through or visit the city.

Tourist accommodations are excellent.

Gdansk is very popular among Polish people for vacationing and very popular among German people. When you go to Gdansk you'll find people generally speak English, Polish and German.

If you are going to Gdansk to buy amber, you will find that the amber factories are generally hidden outside the city and is very difficult to find them unless you have a local guide. Assistance for buying amber can be found at Amber Buying Trip.

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