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Finding Friends And Family

How to find friends and family and to do genealogical research in Poland.

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As far as genealogical research goes, most of the records that are of interest to you are most likely contained in the church records around the country. With exceptions of such places as Warsaw where many of the larger churches were destroyed, during the war, the church records are intact.

Accessing these records is fairly easy once you are there.

There are researchers that you can hire who will go through these church records for you. Some are private and others are retained by genealogical services.

At this website we get many requests to help find friends and acquaintances. With the advent of the Internet there is a great deal that you can do by using the current and free resources available on the web.

For example, chat rooms are filled with people some of whom may be willing to help. And in fact, it has been reported to this site that some people have been very successful in working through the chat rooms and getting referrals that ultimately help them find either friends or family.

There are some who when they get the Poland take the time to go through phonebooks and look for similar family names and then make some phone calls looking for some referrals.

Unfortunately, doing this online is not very effective because of the privacy laws in Poland.

You may also try working through one of the more popular travelers forums with the outside chance that you may find someone who is willing to help.

This site had maintained a friends and family board which had to be taken down due to a great deal of spam. We are in process of having a new system set up that you will be able to use.

We expect that that system should be online in the near future. So it might be in your interest to bookmark this page now so that you can return to it later to check our progress.




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