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Freelance job opportunities offered by polish companies

Poland offers freelance job opportunities for those interested in helping Polish companies expand their markets.

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If you are looking for a free-lance job opportunity, look to Poland. You will find that Polish companies appreciate freelance representatives and that they manufacture products that are particularly attractive to someone who wishes to have an independent job that does not put on them under a lot of pressure but offers them a good income opportunity.

One of the benefits of having a free-lance job is that you can be totally independent and set your own schedule. And you want to be able to work with the company that appreciates whenever time that you can put into your job.

Most freelancers work part-time and hope to build a business that they can later move into on a full-time basis.

Many Polish companies are small and do not have international distribution networks. Because they are small they would prefer to work with freelance representatives rather than spending money on people who may or may not perform for them. It allows the Polish company to step back and watch the freelancer perform, learn the market from feedback that they get from the representative and, of course, expand the business. This is all done without committment.

You also have many advantages when you get into a free-lance relationship with a Polish company. You will find that they have excellent, creative products not widely distributed. Many of the products are not available to major distributors because the companies involved are relatively small and they do not want to sell their products to the mass marketers. So you as a freelance representative can promote an unknown but high-quality product that you can present to people who are looking for something new and interesting.

There is a huge market of buyers for such products among small retailers, gift shops, roadside stops, tourist lodges, shopping mall kiosks, web site owners and eBay sellers.

To build a substantial income quickly, all that you have to do is introduce these people to the products.

To look at some of the products available here are links to places to find products.

First is go to the Poland Chamber and look at some of the products they list in their directory. Polish Suppliers

Secondly is to go to ShopPoland and look at the products that they have available for small shops. Products For Small Shops

These products offer you a fine opportunity to have your own small business that you can run in the from your computer, as a telemarketer, as a trade show attendee or someone who visits and provides personal service to its customers.

Poland is your destination for products that you can sell as a freelance representative.

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