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How to find a dentist in Poland with specific contacts.

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Many Europeans, and now others from all over the world, Canadians and Americans most notably, have discovered the benefits of traveling to Eastern Europe to have their dental work completed. Not only is the work high quality, it is very low cost. And you can get it done without long delays.

This Find A Dentist page discusses the huge savings that many people are finding when they look at the possibilities of using a dentist from Eastern Europe.

Additionally, here are links to three dental clinics that we or our associates have used and recommend.


A group practice. Xray on premises. Full services. Appointment preferred by you can walk in and generally get service. Not everyone speaks English.

Katarzyna Chojnaska

Prevenative Dentistry, Basic Conservative Dentistry, Prosthodontics. Hours by appointment. Speaks English, Studied Denistry in Chicago. Telephone Warsaw. Tel (22) 628 82 19

Find A Dentist And Eastern European Dental Care

The dental care in Eastern Europe, with Poland in mind specifically, is very inexpensive and available on short notice. The care is so good and so low cost that Poland has become a major dental tourism destination. Dentists in Poland have set up special dentistry offices that cater especially to tourists who come to Poland especially to have complex dental procedures performed at low cost.

Travel firms in Poland help travelers find a dentist that suits their needs and help them find a dentist with the necessary language skills and in a location that suits the dental tourism traveler.

You can also find a dentist that is pre selected by inbound travel firms in Poland that have made special arrangements with Polish dentists to perform dental work for tourists. These travel firms are able to help you find a dentist, find a low cost apartment in which to stay for the duration of the dental work and to make all other travel arrangements that you wish.

You, of course, can also search the internet to find a dentist. But as it is, finding a Polish dentist on the internet is very difficult since most of them do not use the internet to advertise their services.

As for costs, a crown, which would cost between Euro 800 and Euro 1,000 in Western Europe, runs only about Euro 250 here, at an up-market dental office, fashioned by a master ceramicist. Most work is guaranteed for 3 to 5 years.

Traveling to Poland to find a dentist is not the only form of medical procedure tourism for Poland. Medical care in Poland is generally high quality and well respected throughout Europe. Here is more information about medical tourism in general.


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