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About Exporting To Poland and some help about how you can enter the Polish market.

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If you wish to export to Poland, the best advice that you can get is from your own embassy in Poland and the Chamber of Commerce for your country that is located in Poland. Information about them is at Embassies In Poland.

The Poland Chamber and other private web sites are not in the business of helping foreign companies enter the Polish market by giving them free lists and making free announcements to members.

Companies interested in entering the Polish markets should have their own market entry and advertising budgets. They should not expect the Polish Government, the Polish taxpayer or private enterprise to subsidize their advertising, to employ people to act as a marketing agency or provide assistance to other commercial companies.

Foreign companies have their own embassies and Chambers of Commerce on which they should rely and should have their own staffs.

Foreign companies are free to advertise in the Polish newspapers, trade publications, and on Internet web sites such as the Poland Chamber, and The Master page. The advertising rates advertising on these two major Web portals can be found here. Advertising Rates

If you wish to hire a marketing consultant to assist you with market entry into Poland, you can expect that initial retainer fees will be on the order of 1,000 euro to 5,000 Euro and that if you expect to have an aging work for you will be required to pay that person anywhere from a minimum of 1,000 euro per month on up.

It is recommended that you join the Chamber of Commerce that this is associated with your country and that serves your country. The staff at that Chanber knows Poland. And it always benefits you to be able to say that you are a member of your country's Chamber of Commerce. Find Chambers of Commerce through your embassy from the list that is here. Embassies In Poland.



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