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A step by step guide on how to export to Poland with access to an ebook with specific and useful information.

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But first here are some helpful hints.

Helpful Services To Export To Poland

Here are some recommendations that you should consider.

Contact your own embassy for export lists. An embassy contact list is at this link Embassies In Poland

Submit your company information to the Polish search engines.

About Selling Your Products To Poland

The book Exporting To Poland helps you successfully export your products to Poland. This one of a kind book gives you advice, step by step procedures and needed information. It is written for non-Poland based marketing managers, CEO's, entrepreneurs, and export promotion officials and consultants. Written by an American who has worked in Warsaw, Poland since 1991, the book is a filled with first hand experience and interesting real life anecdotes of successes and failures that he has seen as Poland has made its transition from a centrally controlled to a private economy. You benefit from the experience and views of someone who has watched the Polish economy in transition and who has successfully operated a business in Poland while he has watched so many either learn to adapt to the region or fail. This book shows you how to succeed.

Part One

What Are The Opportunities In Poland?

Poland is a country in transition and with every change new opportunities are created. This section gives basic information about doing business in Poland, what was, what is and what can be expected in the future. Here you get first hand advice from a businessman who has been the director of a chamber of commerce and dealt for years with companies trying to penetrate the Polish market.

What Is It Like To Do Business In Poland?

Know thy market is one of the basic rules of business. Why has one American franchise selling hamburgers succeeded while another failed? Why is one Indian company successfully exporting granite to Poland using the internet the internet while another with offices in Poland is struggling to get sales? What makes the difference between success and failure? Why do some countries have more success in exporting to Poland than others? The answer lies in knowing the culture, business practices and how to do business in a former Communist country now in transition. This section gives you some answers.

What Steps Should I Take To Enter The Market?

Tells you what you should do to evaluate your potential market in Poland, discusses various distribution channels, what first steps you should take, how to adjust to the culture and the basic structure of a market entry strategy. Includes anecdotal studies of successes and failures. And then it tells you what to do in the section on the Polish Marketing Process that is a step by step guide to building your own distribution channel.


Gives you lists of places to get mailing lists, market data, assistance, trade chambers, the largest importers, the largest trade companies, exhibitions, advertising, public relations and promotion information that you will find necessary.

Use Of The Internet To Enter The Eastern European Markets

You can save a lot of money and time if you use the internet. This section, written based on the experience of being on the receiving end of hundreds of thousands of email offers since 1995, tells you how to find distributors and customers the right way. You learn how to overcome language barriers, how to avoid culture problems, how to find email lists, how to properly contact people and present yourself so that your message stands out from the millions of others that are sent to Poland every month. If you want to find a commission agent in Poland by using the internet, this is must read information.

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