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Picture of Obama as Obamamao

China And Obamao aka Maobama

Warsaw, Poland 13 November 2009 A Polish news service reports that Obama has created a furor in China. The reason? The Chinese people are applauding the similarity between Mao Tse-Tung and US President Obama.

During the Obama election campaign, he achieved celebrity status. Now, he is admired because his election is a victory for leftist ideology.

The Chinese internet has been flooded with pages and pictures praising Obama and comparing him to Mao Tse-Tung. Because of copyright considerations, we are not providing the pictures in this news brief. Instead we link you directly to the Polish news page where you can see a grouping of Chinese authored Obamao pictures.

Entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the Obamao frenzy. They are selling Maobama T-shirts, towels, and underwear.

YouTube also has its share of Chinese authored Obamao videos that sing him praise.

And for those who are interested here are the "Quotes from the Red Book of Master Obamao" See the video at Quotes