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image of obamaoChina And Obamao aka Maobama
Warsaw, Poland 13 November 2009 A Polish news service reports that Obama has created a furor in China. The reason? The Chinese people are applauding the similarity between Mao Tse-Tung and US President Obama




Mary Jo Kopechne Kopechne Day: A Solemn Tribute
Wednesday, August 26, 2009 - Mary Jo Kopechne wasn't a scion of one of American's wealthiest families; she was just a girl from an average, middle class family, whose idealism led her to Birmingham, Alabama, during the Civil Rights era . . . We'll never know, of course, what direction her life would have taken




Russian Tank Soldiers Separating New Europe From Old Europe
Obama has said that his presidency will be judged by the performance of the American economy. In the process he is moving away from Former President George W. Bush's focus on freedom.





Glenn Beck Should Glen Beck's Supporter's Boycott The Boycotters?
Warsaw, Poland - 28 August, 2009 The best defense is an aggressive offense. Those who support Glenn Beck should stop defending him and start pressuring the advertisers who have pulled their advertising from his show.


location of Poland in Europe Polish Déjà vu - Abandoning Poland to the Russian sphere of influence
Warsaw, Poland - 25 November, 2008 Russia's threats to place missiles on Poland's borders seem to be having some effect on Western European powers. And it seems that there is less support for placing the missile defense system on Polish soil, the result of which would be an acknowledgment that Poland is within Russia's sphere of influence.

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