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As part of a total recast of the MasterPage layout, we updated our Eastern European News Review from a blog format to static page. It is simply more manageable. As such the old issues of our works were deleted from the data base.

The process that we're using now is to put up a webpage and then make sub pages just as we would were we using a blog.

In this way we do not have problems with duplicate content and other problems that pages have when trying to work with Google and a new service..

Having said that, the Eastern European news reviews the news of the world as related to Eastern Europe.

We have other new services in the master page that you can look at. One of them reviews only news in Eastern Europe rather than world news as seen from this location.

If you have a news item that you feel should be included in any of our new services, please be sure to contact us using our contact page.

If you would like to be an article writer and coeditor of one of these new services, you are also invited to contact us.

We are particularly interested in video information about Poland and video news items as well. We have over 200 videos in our channel on the web and we can add your video to our channel or as a video response and send visitors to your video and subsequently to your webpage.

At the bottom of this page is a site directory for new's where you can see the other news related sites that we have in this MasterPage.


Currently all our recent articles are still on the main page of the news service. You can see them by goint to The Eastern European News Review

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