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Disabled Train Travel Warsaw

A video and description for disabled people for using the Warsaw train station.

This page provides information about facilities for disabled train travel at the Warsaw, Poland Central Train Station.

train at central station

Where we will give you overview you disabled facilities at the Warsaw train station.

The video will show you the specifically what you will encounter when you get to the station.

Though the video shows how to get the platforms from ground level, watch it to also find out how to get to ground-level from the platforms.

In general this station is properly organized so that disabled people may use it without difficulty.

There is an elevator from ground level down to the first level. It is located behind the staircase down to the first level.

Additionally, there is a wheelchair lift on the staircase down.

There are escalators from the first level to the train platforms. For those who are in wheelchairs or well are unable to use an escalator, there is a moving walkway. The video shows how to get to that walkway.

Words can describe disabled train travel in Warsaw but pictures give a better description.

You are encouraged to watch this video on disabled train travel in Warsaw.



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