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Directory Of Hotels In Auschwitz Oswieciem

This is the directory of Hotels For Auschwitz Oswieciem, Poland. You may make all your travel arrangements through this page.

You are invited to print this directory for future reference and so that you can work with it offline and return here for additional information that you might need and/or complete your travel arrangements.

If you are going to visit the Auschwitz camp, do note that most people tend to book hotels in Krakow and then make a day trip to Osswiecim.

First there is much more to do and see in Krakow. And a visit to the Camp necessitates one getting away from it and getting to a place where there are people and life.

There is a link at the bottom of this page to the directory of Hotels for Krakow.

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There is more information about Auscwitz and Oswiciem at Auschwitz

As a general note, Oswieciem lies in South East Poland. Most people get to the city via Krakow. There is a lot more to do in Krakow and leaving the camp and heading to Krakow is a psychologically sound decision.

Here is a link to hotels in Krakow.