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Dentistry In The UK Versus Dentistry In Poland

Dental work in Poland is much less expensive than dental work in the UK. See an example of good dentistry prices here.

Poland is becoming more and more of a tourist stop for dental work and other medical procedures as people learn the advantages of getting service in Poland.

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Poland has become a dental tourism destination, in particular for people from the UK. They find that it is cheaper to fly to Poland and get their dental work done than it is to get it in the UK.

The BBC reported the case of one woman who could not afford to get her dental treatment done in the UK. She took a budget airline flight to Poland and was able to get the dental work that she needed done.

She commented that "The return flight was £30 and the dental treatment itself £20, which is £50 and yet it's over £100 for the treatment alone in Nottingham and I can't afford that".

She is but one among the thousands who come each month to Poland for medical and dental treatment. They are coming to Poland on the referrals of friends and family who return to their home countries full of praise for the dentists that provide them top quality service at costs remarkably lower than those they are subjected to at home.

Dental tourism is not the only medical tourism that is popular in Poland. In fact, the medical tourism industry is a booming year round industry that serves all sorts of medical needs. And as it seems, the dental tourism industry, as well as the others, are poised to grow at a more rapid pace as more satisfied patients return home.

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