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Darlowo Poland On The Baltic Sea

Darlowo and Darlowko reviewed in text and video as Baltic Sea Vacation Spots.

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The contiguous towns of Darlowo and Darlowko, Poland are on Poland's Baltic Coast. Darlowko is essentially the beach front for Darlowo.

Compared to the beaches just East and West of the town (See more reviews at the Poland Video Page on You Tube), the Darlowko beach is narrow and protected by stone barriers a short distance from the shore. Perhaps that is why a huge, and very popular salt water pool is situated not far from the beach.

What the town lacks in beach front, it makes up for in its very active shore and marine establishments.

Darlowko is home to a substantial fishing fleet and a marina. There are several fish smoke houses and fresh fish businesses that support the fleet.

Tourist attractions include the typical streets lined with temporary kiosks selling waffles, ice cream and trinkets. Fried fish restaurants are everywhere. Because there are so many, the competition is heavy. So the quality and level of service are high for a tourist area.

In the port there are wooden sailing ships that take tourists on short forays into the 'Baltic. Plus there are boats that take anglers on day trips out onto the Baltic.

The video to the left shows some of both towns.

To see this video in full screen or to leave a comment, go to Darlowo

In spite of being a typical Baltic Sea tourist trap, Darlowko is rather pleasant. One can spend the better part of a day wandering around the town and visiting the restaurants and stands. And because of the typical weather on the Baltic, (See Beaches On The Baltic Sea) that can be important to you.

Darlowo is essentially the living area for Darlowko and the shopping area for the region. It has a couple big grocery markets that serve not only the residents but the surrounding towns that generally are served only by small shops.

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