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About Dabkowice, Poland On The Baltic Sea Coast

About Dabkowice Poland that is so small that it is not even on all the maps.

The village of Dabkowice is in as remote a place as you can probably find in Poland. There is one single lane road in and out. And the villiage is so small that it

In the video below you can see the town and what it is like to approach it by bike and by car.

You can only get to the town from Dabki. It is about 5 kilometers. The road is very narrow and if you meet a car coming the other way, you may be able to pass if both of you can pull off to the right. If not, one will have to back up until you find one of the spaces cutout for passing.

Dabkowice borders the Baltic Sea and Lake Bukowo.

On the lake side the focus is on fishing. Lake Bukowo is huge and a very popular fishing spot. If you are interested in fishing, Dabkowice is an excellent place for you. There a places to launch a boat.

There are many beach access points along the road. Bathing is private! The beaches are essentially empty. For those who want to bath topless or nude, it is inot hard to find a place where you won't be bothered.

There are rooms, a hotel, coffee shop and restaurant. You will see camp trailers at Dabkowice.

Here is an image that shows its location.

map to Dabkowice Poland

For directions on how to get to Dabki and then on to Dabkowice, go to Polish Road Map

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