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Dabki, Poland On The Baltic Sea

About Dabki Poland on the Baltic Sea with information about the beach.

Picture Baltic Sea Beach at Dabki Poland
One Of
Dabki's Beaches

On the Baltic, somewhat centered between Poland's Eastern and Western borders, is the little town of Dabki. It is a small but popular summer tourist town that offers both beaches on the Baltic and a freshwater beach on Jezioro Bokowo. The lake, sheltered somewhat from the high Baltic winds, offers excellent windsurfing conditions. And the there is a windsurfing school and rental area that takes advantage of the conditions.

It is located in the western part of the Polish region of Pomerania. Here is a link with information about the Polish region of Pomerania.

Because there is so much to do in Dabki, we have three videos and pages related to it. You are invited to look at the information about the Baltic Sea beaches and the Lake Bukowo beach. After looking at all three pages you will have a good feel for why this is such a popular vacation spot.

The town has many hotels, cabin courts and campgrounds. It is also a nice place for bike riding.

There are the typical fried fish restauarants that you find in all Baltic beach towns and within the grouping you will find a couple standouts.

Dabki, Poland is a family vaction town, very pleasant and with very nice beaches.

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