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Baltic Sea Beaches At Dabki Poland

Baltic sea beaches at Dabki Poland with video, pictures and text descriptions.

baltic sea beach

Dabki is a very popular tourist destination on Poland's Baltic Sea Coast. It lies about one half hour North Of Koszalin on the road to Darlowko.

It offers more than many other of Poland's tourist spots since it has beach fronts on both a fresh water lake as well as the Baltic.

Information about the Lake Beach can be seen on this page entitled The Freshwater Beach At Dabki.

The saltwater beach front is long. There are many access points. You can be as private or as public as you wish.

On the outlying entrances you will find people sunning themselves topless. Such areas are not topless or nude beaches per say. It is just that the areas are private enough that no one bothers the people as long as they keep their activities low key.

Most of the beach entrances are over the barrier dune on sand paths or stairways at the end of paved paths. There is one, just about in the center of the beach population, has a smooth paved path that is suitable for baby carriages, bicycles and any person who cannot navigate steep stairs.

There are protected areas with WOPR lifeguards.

The water depth increases slowly so that people can venture out quite a ways before it is over an adults head.

One may by food and drink. And there are water closets at each of the entrances served by a paved path.

Watch the video for a nice overview of what the Baltic Sea beaches look like there.


To see this video in full screen or to leave a comment, go to Baltic Coast Beaches

There is more information about the Dabki at:

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