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Cheese Pierogi

A recipe for traditional cheese pierogi, how to make and how to serve.


To make cheese pierogi, you only need.

Cheese forms the base for many different types of pierogi. Cheese fillings are used in savory pierogi and sweet pierogi.

In this page we discuss the basic cheese filling.

A complete list of cheese filling, sweet and savory, along with recipes and complete information about making pierogi can be found in the Polish Recipe Book. If you go there now you get recipes along with pictures and videos.

The cheese that is most used in Poland is a white farmers cheese. If you do not have access to a dry curd farmers cheese, you can use cottage cheese.

But if you use cottage cheese you must be sure to drain it and then squeeze dry it. The final filling must be stiff and dry to properly filled your pierogi.

You can see a video of how a cheese filling is made by going to this link. How To Make A Cheese Filling

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In any case, a basic cheese filling recipe consists of 2 cups of Farmer's cheese, one egg, and salt and pepper to taste.

But before making this filling calculate the number of pierogi that you intend to make.

1 cup is made up of 15 tablespoons or 45 teaspoons. You fill a pierogi with between a tablespoon and a teaspoon. As an outside estimate, if you filled your pierogi with 1 teaspoon, a 2 cup mix will give you enough filling for about 90 pierogi.

So scale the amount of filling you are going to make to the amount of pierogi that you are going to make.

Just combine the ingredients well. You can use a mixer, your food processor or do it by hand.

But do it the day before you intend to make your pierogi. That way it you can put your pierogi in the refrigerator and chill it. The next day it will be good and stiff so that you can properly fill your pierogi.

Bind with many things to make many different fillings. One rather popular filling is kasa and cheese. Here is a video showing how that is made. Kasa and cheese.

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