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About Casinos in Poland and gambling in Poland. Where and tips and hints.

A portion of the gambling sector is comprised of lottery tickets. However, the majority of the industry is made up of one-armed bandits.

Roulette wheel

You can buy lottery tickets wherever you see the sign Yellow And Blue sign Lotto. They are inexpensive. Give on a try.

Update - In November, 2009 the law in Poland was changed to outlaw any gambling online and any gambling outside the major licensed casinos.

The information below gives you information about those casinos. Other outdated information related to other places should be ignored.

Slot machines, or one-armed bandits, can be found all over Poland. On the roads you will see Las Vegas this and Las Vegas that at rest stops that are primarily targeted at truckers.

You will also find slot machines in the hotels.

But if you go to the right places you can play blackjack, etc.

There are two major places to gamble in Warsaw. One is at the Marriott Hotel and the other at the Hotel Hilton.

The Olympic Casino Sunrise is open 24 hours per day. It has a nice bar lounge area. And it is stocked with nice young women interested in finding someone important.

The Marriott is the oldest and most popular place to gamble in Warsaw. Their casino is on the first floor. It opens at 11 in the morning and closes at 7 in the morning. Once again you can get everything that you want there.

These two establishments are upscale and safe. They are well inside major hotel buildings that are themselves protected by excellent staff security personnel.

And the bars are well run. You can be sure of what is going into your drinks.

Each of them offers you a fine place to enjoy round the clock entertainment in beautiful surroundings.

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