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Dangerous Cars On The Polish Roads

Three cars wide passing on Polish road
Three Cars
Side By Side
In No Passing Zone

Cars on the Polish roads, when loaded to capacity, are dangerous. Learn why here.

When you drive in Poland you should be aware that it has been reported that when some of the small cars are loaded with four people or the baggage comparments are filled, they become difficult to control in turns.

When you drive the Polish roads you will see many so called black points where many people have been injured and killed. In many cases they are on slow curves and straight parts of the road.

To the casual observer, it almost makes no sense that so many accidents occur at many of these points.

As it turns out, however, during high speed passing maneuvers, drivers of cars with a load on may lose control if they have to make a quick return to their own lane. And on slow curves, the cars may just not handle as the driver expects.

There is no doubt that driving habits in Poland are horrid. Poland has one of the highest road death rates in Europe. See Polish Road Kill Statistics. ( Note that the same cars are driven throughout Europe. ) But the changed car control with a load on is exacerbated by the Polish habit of sharply weaving in and out of traffic.

If you rent a car in Poland, you should also be aware of the information for your own safety. This is especially important if you have never driven one of the European small cars.

And understand that even on high speed expressways, a quick turn from one lane to another can be very dangerous.

There are other pages in this website that discuss Polish roads and drivers. Here is a link to one that is particularly important. Use the site search engine to check for all. The time you take to read this information can save your life.

Polish Driving Habits



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