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Video tours and complete information about the capital of Poland, Warsaw, plus things to do and see.

Warsaw, Poland's largest city, is located somewhat toward the Eastern border.

The video to the right gives you some introduction to what it looks like. There are also many more videos in the MasterPage Warsaw list on YouTube . By watching those you can get a fairly good feel for most of the City.

If you use the site search engine at the top right and search Warsaw you will be taken to many pages that cover many topics in depth.

For most people, the Capital is the main entrance to Poland. The major entry points are the Okecia Airport and the Warsaw Central Station.

As you can see from the video, Warsaw is a modern European City. And even today construction is booming as more of the communist era buildings are either replaced or renovated.

Being the Capital and an active commercial center, it draws people from all over the Country who come for work. Given that Poland has many regional cutures, Warsaw has a different mix of people than other cities around Poland.

The economy is generally a service economy with some manufacturing in surrounding districts. But finance, trade and tourism dominate.

It offers the foreign tourist many things to do and see. To give you as many specifics as possible, there are separate pages about everything from the Parks and Opera to shooting ranges and bike riding.

A large percentage of the people speak English and many speak German as well.

If you have any specific questiona about Poland or its Capital City, please send them to us via the contact page.

If you have any videos, please add them as video response using the comments box under the videos on YouTube.

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