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Buying Train Tickets In Poland

How to buy train tickets tips and hints with videos showing Polish rail system.

The train system in Poland is very efficient. For Poland savvy travelers, the trains in Poland are the transportation of choice. The reason is very simple. It is dangerous and generally slow to try to travel by car in Poland.

You will do well to read the section on intercity travel in Poland. It discusses train travel and all other modes of transportation in Poland. Intercity Travel In Poland

Below are links to free online services through which you can buy train tickets and tickets for other services. And there is information about the various railroad services in Poland.

Important Travel Information

There is much more to be concerned about than just getting tickets. We recommend strongly that you read this information about Why You Should Use A Travel Agent When Traveling In Poland.

Train Tickets

This is a conveniet and often used system.


Self Help Ticketing Services

Use these services for all your ticketing needs.

Rail Europe

Eastern Europe Rail Pass

You might find that you can save some significant money by purchasing a rail pass. Do take the time to look at this.

Train Tickets

Intercity Train Tickets

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Poland Shuttle

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About The Trains In Poland

Polish intercity train
InterCity Train

There are a few different types of trains. There are the intercity trains, the fast trains, the regular trains and the commuter trains. These trains are discussed in the information that you see below.





Polish express train
Express Train

You can buy tickets online for the intercity trains. But to get tickets for the others, you need the assistance of someone local Information about that is below. Learn How To Buy Tickets For Intercity Tickets by clicking here.

The commuter trains are very efficient and carry Polish people to and from work every day. They go from city centers to the outlying districts.

The fast trains and regular trains run between the cities. The make many stops and can be burdensome. Tourists are advised to avoid these unless one is accompanied by a guide.


Poland commuter train
Commuter Train

Polish Train Tickets And Schedules

The trains in Poland are great. But getting the schedule and the proper connections can be tough. That is compounded by the fact that very few of the ticket agents speak any language other than Polish. You can get information on line. Here are some convenient links.

The Polish train company, PKP (Polskie Koleje Panstwowe) is a state-run company. And it is run like a state run company They publish schedules in Polish on Poland Train Page Note that the only schedule information is in Polish.




Here is English languae information about Train Timetables

Tickets For Intercity Trains - For Inter City Trains, you can check Schedules and routes here. Once you check everything you can buy and print your ticket. You just have to bring it to the train. This is for Inter City Trains in Poland only.








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