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How to do business with Poland and Polish companies including importing and exporting.

This section provides information to people who are interested in doing business with Poland. It has a variety of information of interest to someone who already has an established business.

About Buying Products From Poland- There is a separate section that covers Polish Products and discusses the various aspects of buying them directly from the factories and/or distributors. You can find that information at Polish Products For Wholesale And Retail Purchase

Poland has a growing economy and its people buy huge amounts of imported products. So it is a very interesting market for exporters. But it is not an easy market.

It is a market that has to be approached professionally. We have tried to give some information in this site about how it should be done.

As a simple, up front caution, it is a criminal offense to send unsolicited commercial email to anyone, person or company, in Poland. And in the Polish business culture, such unsolicited email is treated with contempt. So if you are considering entering this market, you are invited to read the information about how to do it.

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There are two ways that you can advertise. Get information here.

Poznan Trade Fair

The Poznan, Poland Trade Fair grounds is one of the most active Trade Fair grounds in Poland. This page discusses the Trade Fairs held in Poznan Poland, gives you instructions on how to get to the Poznan, Poland Trade Fair, gives you information about the city of Poznan, Poland and helps you get contacts such as temporary employees, hostesses, paid companions, and other services that you may need to attend the fair as an exhibitor or someone interested in the products that are displayed at the fair.


Chambers Of Commerce In Poland

The forms and purposes of Chambers of Commerce in Poland vary. Some Chambers of Commerce are private groups, totally separate from any government organizaton. They may work closely with their home country embassy, but they are financially independent and are self governing. Others are supported by their country.



About Finding Importers In Poland

Here are some tips and hints about finding importers for your products.

Visiting Suppliers And Factories in Poland.

If you wish help and information about visiting suppliers and factories in Poland, you can get that here.

What works and what doesn't when exporting to Poland and Eastern Europe.

Sometimes it seems that everyone in the world wants to export to Poland. And they try everything. Most of it does not work. If you want to succeed, read this information.

Export To Poland

More basic information about how to export to Poland. If you want to export to Poland, read all the information that we have posted about it.

Value Added Tax

Poland charges a value added tax on all financial transactions. The rate is generally 22%. In certain cases, lower rates apply.


Saviors And Vampires

This is some sound advice for those who think that they are going to roll into Poland and save the world.

Shipping Costs

How to calculate shipping costs from Poland

Email Filtered

Most people do not know that their email is filtered by the free email services. Get details about how your mail is effectively censored and how you don't even know it.

Business Visa To Poland

There is more than one way to get a business visa to Poland. Here are some alternative approaches to the Business Visa problem.

Polish Translators

About finding Polish translators. There are many out there that you can find free if you know how. So if you want a free or otherwise Polish translator, look at this information.


Step By Step Instructions On How You Can Successfully Sell Your Products In Poland.

Poland is a big market.

About The Management Of MasterPage And The Poland Chamber Web Sites

For contact information to the management of the MasterPage and Poland Chamber, Inc. and background, read the information about us here.

Free TeleCommunications to and from Poland

Trade and business is all about communications. This page tells you how to communicate free between the US and Poland.

Import Duties And Taxes

Essential information for anyone that is going to import. Don't rely on someone else. These publications will give you the first hand information about what happens in the Customs and Duties process.






About this early pioneer company

Chamber Of Commerce In Poland

About The Various Chambers Of Commerce In Poland


The Anti-Corruption Bureau

When you come to Poland or communicate with anyone in Poland, your activities may be spied on. You may be filmed, your phone may be tapped, eavesdropping equipment may be used against you, your mail may be opened and so on. The Anti Corruption Bureau, better known as the CBA, has the right under Polish law, to monitor any and all of your activities. And it is all done without judicial oversight.

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