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The Anti Corruption Bureau Or CBA

About the anti corruption bureau, also known as the CBA, in Poland and how it affects you.

When you come to Poland or communicate with anyone in Poland, your activities may be spied on. You may be filmed, your phone may be tapped, eavesdropping equipment may be used against you, your mail may be opened and so on. The Anti Corruption Bureau, better known as the CBA, has the right under Polish law, to monitor any and all of your activities. And it is all done without judicial oversight.

Big Brother Stalin and anti corruption measures in Poland.

The anti corruption bureau can monitor private individuals as well as business people. It has no limits placed on it.

It engages in entrapment schemes. In past instances, the legality of some of the entrapment schemes has been questioned. But that questioning may not have stopped the CBA from doing as it wishes.

If you stay at a hotel you must be alert to the fact that the security cameras and telephones can be monitored by CBA.

The CBA can collect data on anything. They can take your business secrets, your personal secrets and information about your health.

And when they get the information, the can file it and keep it for future use.

Should you have any contact with any government official on any matter, you should expect that your conversation is being recorded. Small dictating machines record conversations from within pockets or from places under file folders on a desk.

You may have a file created on you if you happen to meet with a person that is actively being watched.

As with any such system, it is open to abuse. Even if you are squeaky clean, your business secrets can be gathered and they are only as safe as the people within the system keep them. And you must be careful to understand the implications of one person associated with CBA being arrested for selling pirated movies on disc. Honesty may not be a universal trait within the organization.

Big brother is watching. They can gather everything you say, send, do or write and make a file on you. And they do it all without judicial oversight.

There is no privacy in Poland. Period!

Proceed with caution.

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