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About Boleslawiec Polish Pottery and buying Boleslawiec Polish Pottery Wholesale and retail.

One of the most popular home decoration products sold and exported from Poland is Boleslawiec Polish pottery. This Boleslawiec Polish pottery page gives you some background information on Boleslawiec Polish pottery and gives you information about where you can buy Boleslawiec Polish pottery if you are in Poland. It also tells you how you can buy it if you wish to buy it either retail or to go into business to buy wholesale for your own shop or business.

Historically, Boleslawiec Polish pottery is of German origin. The pottery is named after the Boleslawiec region in Western Poland. At one time that region was part of Germany and the original pottery factories were German. Traditional designs that are very popular on Boleslawiec Polish pottery are those that have carried on from the time that the factories in the region were German owned.

Boleslawiec, Poland
Boleslawiec, Poland
The manufacturing process for Polish pottery is long and complex. The designs on Boleslawiec Polish pottery are generally applied using a rubber stamp. In some cases hand painting is utilized. The designs on Boleslawiec Polish pottery are generally apply using a rubber stamp. In some cases hand painting is utilized. You can see information and pictures of the manufacturing process for Polish pottery when you go to this link. How Polish Pottery Is Made

polish pottery pitcher

When the borders between Germany and Poland were open to people from Germany to come to Poland, people from the American military bases in Germany started coming to Boleslawiec to buy pottery. They brought what they bought back to the United States and people in the United States found that the pottery was very attractive. This mass private importing by the US military is responsible for the development of the Polish Pottery market in the United States.

Today trips to Boleslawiec, Poland to buy pottery are very popular. Tour agencies and private individuals organize tourists trips on buses that go to Boleslawiec, Poland and the people spend the day buying pottery. The number of tourist trips to Boleslawiec has been, however, going down as the number of U.S. service people in Germany has been decreasing. Merchants in Boleslawiec, Poland report a sharp reduction in tourist traffic.

As the market in the United States continues to develop and exports increase new companies have entered the market manufacturing and exporting Polish pottery. And as new companies have come online there have been new Polish pottery patterns developed and a large number of Polish pottery products made available that were not Historically available prior to the transition of Poland from a centrally planned economy to a market economy.

There are very many opportunities for people who like Boleslawiec Polish pottery.

If you wish to be a distributor of Boleslawiec Polish pottery you can get information at this link. About The Polish Pottery Business


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