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Boleslawiec Polish Pottery

A directory of information about Boleslawiec Polish pottery.

The stoneware that comes from the region around Boleslawiec Poland is unique in that it is made from a clay that is found only there. When fired it makes a very high quality ceramic that has come to be known as Boleslawiec Polish Pottery.

The pottery is actually of German origin. And the traditional Polish pottery patterns are German designs. They are known as Polish now because the borders of Poland were moved West after World War II and the German City of Brunslau became the Polish City of Boleslawiec.

Polish artists have advanced the art of Boleslawiec Pottery and added many new designs and forms to those that were offered by the original factory.

Today there are about forty companies in Poland that make stoneware from the clay found in that region. Not all the factories are in the City itself.

Some of them buy kiln fired forms from the major factories and have them trucked to painting houses in other regions in Poland. That is a matter of necessity since every region has limited labor and a limited number of artists. So some companies bring the work to the artists instead of bringing the artists to the work.

Others buy the clay and have it trucked to their own kilns in distant cities. They have their own forms and designs or patterns for Boleslawiec Polish Pottery.

Polish stoneware based on the clay from the region is hand made and hand painted. And all the factories are very interested in maintaining the highest of standards. So you see very little if any product in the Western markets that is not first quality.

Because each piece of stoneware is checked for quality prior to being painted, if something is deemed to be second quality, it is generally due to a very minor painting error that most people find difficult to detect. Stoneware that is found to have a defect prior to painting is simply destroyed. It does not pay a factory to waste a painters time on something that is known to be no good to start.

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Boleslawiec Polish Pottery

One of the most popular home decoration products sold and exported from Poland is Boleslawiec Polish pottery. This Boleslawiec Polish pottery page gives you some background information on Boleslawiec Polish pottery and gives you information about where you can buy Boleslawiec Polish pottery if you are in Poland. It also tells you how you can buy it if you wish to buy it either retail or to go into business to buy wholesale for your own shop or business.

Polish Pottery Business

This page gives you basic information about starting and running a Polish Pottery Business online and running a Polish Pottery Business offline. It contains many general comments about different aspects of the business.

Boleslawiec Poland

Boleslawiec Poland is a very small city that is very attractive to people interested in Boleslawiec Polish Pottery. If you are interested in Boleslawiec Polish pottery, you can go directly to information about it.

Directions to Boleslawiec, how to visit the factories and where to shop

You can easily get there by road from all directions. And because of the heavy tourist traffic going into the area, if you get lost, it is easy to get directions from someone at a gas station, restaurant or any other roadside stop. But to help you plan, there are more specific directions in this page.

Polish Maps

Polish Maps: Use the information that you find here to make your trip to Poland more enjoyable. Polish maps can be obtained for most major cities and regions in Poland. This page lists some of the most popular selections that are requested by our visitors. Some of the maps are in Polish and some in English. The tourist maps are generally in English. The selections here, however, are chosen because they are maps that are useful to the international traveler.


Boleslawiec is in the South Western region of Poland called Dolnoslaski. It is the center of manufacturing of Polish pottery and Polish ceramics. Boleslawiec pottery and ceramics are world famous for their quality. The City has become a Polish tourist attraction because it has most of the factories in Poland that manufacture Polish pottery.

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