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Beaches In Warsaw And Vicinity

About Warsaw beaches, family and nude, with text and video information.

Picture Lake In Poland

First let us make the point that beaches in Warsaw itself are not places to swim. That is because the Wysla River is horribly polluted.

If you want to swim, then you must go outside Warsaw.

Here is a link to a video that gives you detailed information about the beaches in Warsaw proper. Warsaw Beaches

And below is a video to an alternative that is a bit outside Warsaw. But it is well worth the drive if you want to swim at a beach.

And, here is a link to an outdoor pool in Warsaw that is an excellent alternative to all. Outdoor Pool.

About The Beach At Nieporent

There are several small beaches that are easily accessible from Warsaw at Zalew Zegrzynski. It is large man-made lake, formed by damming the River Bug, that has become a regional recreation point.

Perhaps the most popular beach on Zalew Zegrzynski is the beach at Nieporet. It lies at the lower tip of the lake and is at the junction of several roads, most notably 631 and 31, See Map Of Nieporet, that make it very easy to get to.

In addition to the beach one can find many places to get food and to entertain oneself.

There is an excellent grass parking area right next the beach where one can even set up his own barbecue.

Many people camp and spend their vacation at that beach. They often set up tents in the parking area.

The beach is a very popular place for families. The slope of the sand in the water is very slight so the children have a great opportunity to wade in the water without a great deal of danger.

There are other beaches along the lake.


The water is generally cold and sometimes downright uncomfortable. But it does not stop the people who recognize that that is the way it is in Poland.

There is a lot more to do than just stay on the beach.

The lake is large and is dotted with marinas. It is a very popular place for sailing enthusiasts. One sees many sailboats on the lake.

The beach is a very popular spot for wind surfers and you can rent equipment in a few locations. The most popular rental spots are at Nieporet.

The lake is a very popular fishing spot and is an excellent place to catch Sandacz. You can get a fishing license in Warsaw.

You can also rent a boat and a fishing guide which guide will help you with the problem of getting a fishing license. This is probably the best thing for you to do since they know the lake an what works best locally.


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