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Various family, topless and nude beaches in Poland with pictures, videos and contact.

beach at dabki poland

The most popular beaches in Poland are on the Baltic Sea. They are wide open and beautiful.

There are, however, very popular beaches in other parts of the country. Many are small and in isolated places that are known to the local folks only. But if you are lucky enough to be traveling with someone who knows the county, you can find some very nice places.

Travelers to Poland are prone to ask questions about where they can find nude and topless beaches in Poland. And the answer is that generally the most famous are Chalupy and Debki on the Baltic Coast.

There are a couple on the Wisla River in Warsaw, but they are more places to sunbath than beaches. That is simply because the Wisla River is dirty and not a place that you really even want to put your feet into no less swim.

The Mazury Lakes region is dotted with beaches and small swimming spots. You find beaches of every kind there.

In the Mazury region most of the beaches are private so you can find those that are totally free of topless and nude and many that are family beaches that have topless and nude.

There is a special page on Warsaw Beaches and Beaches in the Warsaw Vicinity here.

If you are in Warsaw, there are some beaches on the River Bug and on the artificial Lake Zalew Zegrzynski at Nieporet. They are rather nice but in some instances cleanliness is lacking.

But that does not prevent the people from flocking to them if not just to visit the many restaurants and attractions that have been built up on the Lake.

As indicated at the top, the beaches on the Baltic are very nice. A convenient place to start on the Baltic is at the head of the Hel Peninsula at the town of Wladyslawowo. The beach there is well served and there is a lot to do in the town.

And if you are interested in a family nude beach, only 12 km away from Wladyslawowo is the famous beach at Chalupy. And in the opposite direction from Chalupy is another beach at Debki that is the current fad with the naturalist crowd in Poland.

In general, the beaches on the Baltic are the best bet is you really want to go to a beach and to go into the water.

As an alternative, beaches in the Mazury lakes region are pleasant, private and abundant.

All other beaches in Poland are generally beaches in name and you can expect varying degrees of cleanliness of the water and the shoreline.

If you are interested in topless bathing, be sure to read the information that is at

Here are links to the various beaches in Poland that have been reviewed to date.

Nieporet Beaches


If you are in Warsaw and are looking for a beach for swimming, watch the video to the left and go to that beach.

If you watch the video below on beaches in Warsaw you will see why.

More information about the beach at Nieporent is at Beaches In Warsaw And Vicinity.





Warsaw Beaches


This video shows you that beaches in Warsaw are sandy spots where you can sun yourself. They are not for swimming.









General Information About Poland's Beaches On The Baltic Sea.

This page discusses weather and beach conditions on Polish Baltic Sea beaches. Read this so that you understand something about what it is like on the Baltic Coast.

Darlowo - Darwlowko

One town is the commercial center and the other the beach front. Together they, with a huge salt water pool and beaches on the Baltic, make for a tourist attraction.


A nice town with nice clean and well protected beaches on the Baltic. The town also borders on Lake Bukowo so there is a fresh water beach also.

Dabki Lake

Here is a little about the fresh water beach at Dabki and the windsurfing possibilities.


A beautiful town with wonderful Baltic Sea beachfront. Look at the video in this page to see what the Town offers.


Look at this page and Uniescie one after the other. The towns are joined at the beach and tourist attractions. This is a great town with a lot to do.


This Town is the quiet side of the Mielno Uniescie combination. Watch the video and read the informatio about it in this page.

About Wladyslawowo, Poland

The Baltic town of Wladyslawowo, Poland is the junction point on the road from Gdansk to the tip of the Hel Peninsula. From Wladyslawowo, Poland one can either turn right at the rondo and go to the town of Hel or turn left at the rondo and travel along the Western part of the Baltic coast of Poland where you will find many other small vacation and fishing villages.

About Jastrzebia Gora, Poland

On the Baltic coast of Poland lies a little town called Jastrzebia Gora. It is a thriving town in the summer that is built around a selection of restaurants, play areas, tourist attractions, camps and a beautiful beach on the Baltic.

Beaches In Warsaw Vicinity

There are several small beaches that are easily accessible from Warsaw at Zalew Zegrzynski. It is large man-made lake, formed by damming the River Bug, that has become a regional recreation point.

Chalupy Nude Beach In Northern Poland

The nude beach at Chalupy is this probably the most famous nude beach in Poland because it has existed for such a long time and has been popularized a well known Polish song.

Nude Beaches In Warsaw, Poland

There are two beaches in Warsaw, Poland that are gathering points for naturalists and those who like to go topless. They are both on the Wysla River. One is on the Praga side of the River and the other is on the Warsaw side. Both are nude and topless beaches. Each has a different character.

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