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The Beach On The Baltic At Dabki, Poland

Dabki, Poland offers some of the finest beaches on Poland's Baltic coast. They are clean, have easy accesss are free of stones and shells and well maintained.

Note: Dabki also offers a small beach on the huge Lake Bukowo.(Jezioro Bukowo) See the information about that beach and more information about Dabki by using the site map at the bottom of this page or the search engine at top right.

Because of Dabkis remote location, even in the peak of tourist season there are not that many people on the beaches. In the video you see pictures of what the beaches look like during early July, 2009.

The shorline is about 500 meters from the road. There are several paved entrances from the road to the shore. Though they are paved, you cannot drive to the beach. In some cases you can park partway down the access roads. You will find most of the people use these roads and the beach population is highest at the ends of these access roads. There are toilets on these access roads.

A wide dirt path runs parallel to the beach. It is genearlly used by bikers. Along that path are many offshoot paths to more deserted parts of the beach.

Not all the beach has lifeguard protection. .

This beach is just wonderful. No crowds, clean and in a pleasant area of Poland.

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