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Auschwitz History

This Auschwitz History page discusses various aspects of Auschwitz History as related to the Jewish History in Auschwitz.

Jewish history in Auschwitz is long and deep, but unfortunately that history has been marred by the invasion of the Germans and use of Auschwitz as a work and death camp. Auschwitz history is presented here to give you the basic history of Auschwitz to really understand the City of Auschwitz.


As much as we want to, there is only so much that can be covered in a web site. The best sources of information a laid out in the albums and books written by survivors and the museum staff. Here are links to important history of Auschwitz books and the Auschwitz Museum Album. If you are planning a trip to Auschwitz, these books, and in particular, the album, are best read before you go. It is best to read the history of Auschwitz first and then to the Auschwitz camp to live the history of Auschwitz.

Jews settled in Auschwitz in the 15 th Century. Before the Second World War, more than 50% of the population in Auschwitz was Jewish. In 1941 the Germans gathered the Jewish population in front of the Chewra Lomdi Misznajot Synagogue and sent them to Bedzin, Sonsnowiec and Chrzanow.

Little is known about the history of the early Jewish population in Auschwitz. For example, the earliest Jewish Cemetary, the Kirkut Jewish Cemetary, dates from the 18 th or 19 th centuries. The oldest gravestone that survives today is from 1757. But since the cemetary was destroyed by the Nazi Germans during the Second World war, few other gravestones exist that have anything that can be read. The cemetary is now open to visitors and you can get more of the history of the Kirkut Jewish Cemetary in Auschwitz and the Jewish Center in Auschwitz.

History Of The Chewra Lomdei Misznajot Synagogue In Auschwitz.

The history of this Synagogue in Auschwitz is also clouded. Records seem to indicate that it existed in 1900. But exactly where it existed is lost in to history. There is a marble plaque marking the erection of the current building that is dated 1928. All the original records and furnishings were destroyed.


Auschwitz Camp History

Auschwitz history is a history that will weigh on mankind's soul without ever diminishing in its effect. The history of Auschwitz can be told best only by those who experienced it first hand and those that participated in the creation and operation of the Auschwitz death camp. In this page, therefore, we will give you some basic information and then links to books written by survivors of Auschwitz. There is no web site that can give you the history of Auschwitz the way it is presented in the books.

The history of the Auschwitz starts in 1940. On 14 June 1940 the first prisoners were brought to the camp. The group consisted of some 728 people taken from the Targow region. The Auschwitz camp at that time consisted of only an army barracks that were converted by the Nazi's into a prisoner hold. With time, Auschwitz grew to have other camps and sub camps.

The camp was occupied by the Soviet Army in January, 1945. In 1947 the State Museum in Oswiecim was established. In 1999, it was renamed the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum in Owsiecim.

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