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Auschwitz Where To Stay

About choosing the best place to stay when you visit Auschwitz.


You choice is, of course, dependent on many factors. They include location, cost, and style.

Regardless, most people choose to stay in Krakow. Yes, there are hotels in Oswiecim, but most people still choose Krakow.

For one thing, the camp is emotionally taxing, or more explicitly stated, a brutal experience so leaving the Oswiecim and getting to Krakow where there is life and noise is important to many people.

And then there is much more to choose from as far as service levels go.

Krakow is not far from Oswiecim and bus and train links are readily available. Since Auschwitz gets a very large number of tourists each year, the transportation systems are tuned to provide go, direct and fast service.

You can take a bus, taxicab, or train from Kraków to Auschwitz. Road travel is also easy. See How To Get To Auschwitz

In any case, here is information about hotels in Osweiciem .

And here is information about hotels in Kraków.

As a side note, staying in Warsaw and making a day trip to Auschwitz is not practical. If you look at the train timetables you will understand that you will have very little time at the camp itself even though you get up early to go to the camp and leave late to return to Warsaw. Train timetables


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