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About private, escorted and group Auschwitz tours with free information package.


This page gives you a full discussion of the various tours and free help in arraning your own tour at Auschwitz.

There are many tours that you can take at Auschwitz. And there are many Auschwitz tour guides.

You can arrange for a private guided tour of Auschwitz, you can arrange to be part of a group Auschwitz tour from your hotel in Auschwitz or from your hotel in Krakow. And you can, for that matter, arrange for an Auschwitz tour through almost any hotel in Poland and through major travel agencies that serve incoming travel to Poland.


About Private Trips To And Tours Of Auschwitz

A visit to Auschwitz has an everlasting effect on those who have gone through the experience. The Auschwitz experience is beyond description. Before you do anything, prepare. Read as much as you can to fully understand the evil that will be put in front of you.

And when you get to the camp, use a professional guide. It is one thing to see. It is another to see an know.

And for travel you should also consider using a limousine service with a private car or coach. That will help you concentrate on the camp itself and save you a lot of time. And, actually, in many cases a bit of money.

You can book short half-one day trips from Krakow, Warsaw, Katowice and Zakopane. These are mostly excursions with a private driver. English-speaking drivers can provide you with assistance of getting to all former Nazi German camps in Oswiecim. In the camp you can have pre-arranged tours led by professional guides.

Here are some examples of what are available.

From Warsaw
• Chauffeured Limousine tour Warsaw-Auschwitz-Warsaw and a private guide in Auschwitz.
• Combined travel Warsaw-Katowice/Katowice-Warsaw by train + private driver:Katowice-Auschwitz-Katowice
• Poland in One Day (along with Czestochowa & Krakow)
• Best of Poland in 2 Days (along with Czestochowa, Krakow and Wieliczka)

From Krakow
• Private limousine tour Krakow-Auschwitz-Krakow
• Daily organized motor coach excursions from Krakow
• Private full-day tour to Krakow and Wieliczka

From Katowice
• Private limousine tour Katowice-Auschwitz-Katowice

From Zakopane
• Regular organized motor coach one-day excursions

For free information about any of the above, tell us what you need here. Contact




More On Auschwitz Tours

There arealso tours of the City of Oswiecim and tours of the Auschwitz Birkeau concentration camp.

The State Museum in Oswiecim, renamed in 1999 the Auschwitz Birkenau Museum in Oswiecim, was established in 1947 on the grounds of the former Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Now there are about 500,000 visitors per year that tour the Auschwitz Birkenau camp.

Tours are provided on a walk up basis at the gate. At the gate you can join a guided group tour that will last about 3/12 hours, for a cost of about 6 Euro's. If you take a train from Krakow before 0900, you can make the 1100 film (do see this) and tour both the Auschwitz and Birkenau camps. In the summer months it is best to be there early.

You may tour the grounds of the of Auschwitz camp, located in Oswiecim Poland, on your own or you may choose to take a group tour or private tour of the Auschwitz camp.

There are group tours for which you can sign up at the Auschwitz gate. You do not have to make arrangements and can just go to the gate and join the next group that will be guided around the camp.

There are many private tour guides that will also meet you at your hotel be it in the city of Oswiecim or Krakow and take you to the camp and give you a tour.

Your hotel will generally help you making arrangements with a guide. Contact your hotel early, well before you arrive, and ask them for help with a guide.

If you have your own group you can also have a guide meet you and provide you the services you want for your group. That can include arranging bus transportation or train transportation from Krakow to Auschwitz.


Where To Stay On Your Tour

Most people who come to Poland to tour the Auschwitz camp stay in Krakow. Travel from Krakow to the camp and back to Krakow can be done in one day.

To help you find the place to stay that is right for you, go to this special section on Where To Stay When Visiting Auschwitz.

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