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Auschwitz Location

A map showing the location of Auschwitz plus information about how to get there and where to stay.


The Nazi Death Camp Auschwitz is located in Oswiecim Poland. Information about Oswiecim is at Oswiecim Poland.

Oswiecim is located in the Malopolska region in Southern Poland. It is about 38 km Southeast of Katowice and 65 km West Of Krakow.

You get to Oswiecim generally by passing through Krakow. To be more specific, there is a special page with information on how to get there from any location . The page can be found at How To Get To Auschwitz

In general, Auschwitz is rather inconvenietly located for the traveler. There are no direct train connections. And road travel is slow.

Generally, most people travel first to Krakow and then take a local train or bus to Oswieciem. Additionally, the place they most often choose to stay is in Krakow.


If you click on the image to the left, you can more specifically see the location of Auschwitz. The new image will be large enough for you to print.

It shows you the relative locations of Katowice, Krakow And Oswiecim.

Note that even though Katowice is closer, most tourists stay in Krakow and take a bus or train to Oswiecim.

In fact, many people come to this page in order to orient themselves for making their travel plans and trying to decide the location of the best place to stay.

We suggest strongly that you consider using a travel agency to arrange your travel and accomodations as well as your tour. Here is a link to information as to why we recommend that Why You Should Use A Travel Agent In Poland

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