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Asthma Cure And Salt

Salt and its benefits as related to asthma cure.

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Alternative medicine approaches to Asthma cure in Europe provide some opportunities for you to get help that you cannot get in other places.

The salt mines in Eastern Europe have been used by people local to the region to cure asthma and other ills. Their success rate is anecdotal, but the number of people claiming that their asthma has been cured or that they have achieved relief from their asthma has kept people coming to the salt mines for asthma cure or for follow up treatment.

The treatment for Asthma generally consists of treatment in underground salt chambers. The atmosphere in these chambers is unique because of the unique properties of the salt that makes up the walls of the chambers.

In addition to asthma treatment in the salt chambers, there are salt pools in some of the Chambers where people are treated.

This underground asthma cure routine is called Spelotherapy. It is well known and very popular in Eastern Europe. It is little known in North America.

There are spelotherapy clinics in Ukraine and Poland. These spelotherapy clinics have developed excellent reputations for service and enjoy a regular stream of clients. In fact, many times the demand is so high that they do not have available reservations.

The success of asthma cure in the underground salt mines has spawned a new industry in salt lamps.

Much has been said about the ions in the salt mines. It is assumed that the ions given off by the salt in the mines is a primary cause for curing asthma. How or why has not been scientifically determined. But to people who claim that their asthma has been cured or put into remission by the ions in the salt mines, science is not needed to convince them. Having experienced the effect of the ions, they are some of the most vocal proponents of asthma cure with the help of salt ions.

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About Asthma Cure At The
Wieliczka Salt Mine

In the days before electricity the salt mines were lit with candles and torches. The miners, knowing the beauty of the salt, carved chapels from the salt. They made candle holders that gave off beautiful light. And when there was electricity, they lighted chunks of salt crystal with small electric light bulbs.

It was not long before people noticed that these lighted salt crystals, now called salt lamps, gave off ions and had effects somewhat similar those that one experienced in a salt mine. Of course, there is a huge difference between being surrounded by salt walls in a layer of 250 million year old salt and having a salt lamp in a room. But as it is, people found that salt lamps, for some reason, were having some effects on their asthma. Information about salt lamps for asthma cure is at this link. Salt Lamps For Asthma Cure

In Eastern Europe, and in Poland specifically, the home of the original salt lamps and leader in the salt lamp industry, people use salt lamps routinely to cure or reduce asthma symptoms. The alternative medical practitioners in Poland prescribe salt lamps as a matter of routine for asthma cure. When you go to a trade show for alternative medicine practitioners, salt lamps are prominent and sold as asthma cure aids.

You can get information about underground treatment for astma cure at Underground Asthma cure

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