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Asthma plagued ancient man just as asthma and plague modern man. And, naturally, finding an asthma cure was important as well. In the beginning people learned about various cures by accident. The cures that they stumbled upon were natural and all a result of nature.

Information about what worked was passed from generation to generation. With time people weeded out the weakest and the best natural asthma cures have been continued to be used by modern natural health and alternative medicine practitioners.

Natural asthma cures are used in the old traditions in Eastern Europe and Russia. Even until recently many areas in these regions were not tainted by modern medicine's propensity to ignore the learning of natural curing techniques of the past and to pass such learning off as wives' tales. In spite of this, the old ways are widely followed in these areas.

Two abundant products of nature have influenced natural asthma cure in Eastern Europe. The first is large deposits of salt and huge salt mines and the second is a prime source of naturally petrified pine resin - called amber.

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The salt mines are the most well known source of natural asthma cure. The process of underground treatment of asthma was a natural development when it was found that people who had been sent to the salt mines to work were cured of many ills, asthma being one of them.

The salt mines are well known for their health benefits because of their wide range of availability to people all over Europe. Because their benefits have been publicized by many for a very long time by people who tell their own personal stories of success, they are popular. You can read about the natural underground treatment for asthma at Asthma Cure Information

The benefits offered by amber, for asthma and other ills, are less widely known. That is because of a few reasons. One is that for centuries amber has been out of the reach of the ordinary person. Only the people around the Baltic sea had early access to amber, unless you were among the aristocracy, of course. And then amber has been promoted as a rare stone and not as a natural asthma cure.

Here is what the local folks, who have access to amber chips, (small pieces that cannot be used in jewelry) have to say about amber as a natural cure.

Natural Baltic amber assists in strengthening the immunity system and therefore improves your body's ability to kill bacteria and virus.
Natural Baltic Amber calms ones nerves and is effective against severe headaches.
Natural Baltic Amber provides relief from asthma and rheumatism.


How Amber Is Used For Health

Amber is the base of a home made tincture that has been used as a natural asthma cure remedy.

Crushed amber chips are soaked in pure, drinkable, alcohol. The resulting tincture of amber is added to water and drank each day.

The amber is not taken into the body. Only the tincture that is added to the water is consumed. The amber is filtered from the tincture and crushed again and a new tincture is made.

The daily does is 10 drops of tincture in a glass of water. People take an initial daily dose of the tincture for one month. After that they set their own routines based on how their body responds to the tincture treatment.

Here is a picture of how amber is sold in Poland for asthma cure and general health maintenance. You can see a larger image by clicking on the picture.

There are no known scientific studies that comment on amber used this way. Using amber to cure asthma and other ills is just one of those, "of course" things you find in Eastern Europe where people, after centuries of use, believe that it works. Some believe it, some don't and some don't know. But many try it because the folklore surrounding its powers as a healer and preventitive medicine is so powerful.

In summary, to try it or not to try it is a personal decision made to see if it helps ones personal health. All that we say here is that many people in Eastern Europe have believed in it for a long time and it is still very popular today.

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