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Apple Glace Recipe

This recipe is for an apple glace. It also shows you how to make it into an apple orange glace.

glazed turkey
Glazed Turkey

Use it to make your roast birds beautiful. They just shine.

And that is important. People eat with their eyes. Put in front of them a golden brown chicken, turkey or duck that shines and even before they take a bite they know it is delicious.

To make the glace, add one cup of sugar to one cup of apple cider or apple juice. Boil it to dissolve the sugar and keep boiling until it makes light syrup.

Cool and store in a jar for use whenever you want.

It even is great on waffles and pancakes.

To make an orange flavored glace, add a teaspoon of grated orange peel before you boil it.

Actually, this glace is quite versatile. If you bake breads, sweet buns and pastries, you know that they come out of the oven looking dull. Just give them a coating or two of glace.

Not only does it make them shine, it seals the surface to hold the moisture.

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