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Amber Health Necklaces

The benefits of amber health necklaces, how to get the best effect and what they can do for you.

amber health necklace

Amber necklaces made from the raw amber that was washed up on the beaches around the Baltic region were prized possessions.

Amber was so valuable that any peasant found to have amber in his possession was put to death.

The health benefits of amber became widely known and amber was considered to have magical powers. See Benefits Of Natural Baltic Amber.

Today we know that it is the succinic acid that is found in high quantities in natural Baltic Amber that has a positive effect on the body. See Succinic Acid.

Amber Health Aids

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Succinic acid is generally found near the surface of Amber. So polishing or otherwise processing Amber removes a good percentage of the amber and acid with it. As such, necklaces made of raw, unpolished, natural Baltic Amber chips, just as they were made originally in centuries past, are amber health necklaces.

How Amber Health Necklaces Work

When amber is heated, it releases oils and succinic acid. These cling to and soak into your skin taking with them the natural chemicals that benefit your body.

Your body heats the amber necklace and the low body heat causes a very effective, slow transfer of the oils and amber acid.

So in order for an amber necklace to work, it must be worn below your clothes so that there is direct contact with the skin.

Note that you must have amber with high succinic acid content. And the amber with the highest succinic acid content is natural Baltic Amber. It has more than 100 times the acid content of many other ambers. If you use a necklace that is not made from natural Baltic Amber you will not get the desired effect like you would with a natural Baltic Amber necklace.

You can purchase amber health necklaces for your personal use by going to Raw Amber Necklaces.


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Amber Health Aids

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