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How to use and arrange airport transfer services in Poland.

Transfer services at the various airports in Poland and well developed and quite easy to use.

Your first step in making sure that you get to your destination is to contact the hotel, business or person that you are visiting in Poland. You will find that they are really your best and most reliable source of information and help.

The hotels, in particular, are in the business of providing service. They know what it takes to move people around and to get them where they want to go.

And they know who is reliable and who is not.

In many cases they have special arrangements with trusted people.

Cabs are, when a hotel does not have a shuttle service, very efficient. Just be sure to use a cab that is authorized by the airport or one that is a member of a corporate network. Be sure to read the information about taxi service in this web site.

At the major airports, and train stations - meaning those that have substantial international passenger traffic - there are tourist information booths. You are advised to use them. Our videos on the train stations and airports give you information about them.

And don't just use them if you have a need. Stop by and see what they have. They are excellent sources of information.

If you are using the services of a travel agent, hotel or visiting a business, use their services to the fullest. Ask them to help you make your airport transfer arrangements.

If you are traveling on your own and using the internet to make all the arrangements, once again use the travel services and even then ask your help in arranging airport transfer.

There are also shuttle services and private transfer services that you can book online. See Online Tickets Poland



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