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American International Business Group (AIBG)

About AIBG or the American International Business Group in Poland and its long term effect.

The American International Business Group was one of the early pioneers in Poland. It started operations in 1992. Over the years, to keep itself distinguishable from other firms that created names similar to it, it changed its name.

Among other things, AIBG started the second commercial internet provider in Poland. That service was sold in the late 1990's and the company dissolved.

The portals that had been maintained by AIBG continue to be maintained and updated.

Some of them enjoy significant position in the search engines. And they get good traffic.

Much of the original work done by AIBG continues to be linked and remains on the web.

The company trained many people over the years it was in operation. Some of them are now employed in significant positions in IT related business in Poland.

Others have gone on to start their own businesses unrelated to anything that they did before. In discussions with some of them, they indicated that their desire to start their own business and their ability to run those businesses can be attributed to the training that they endured while employed by AIBG.

The company may be gone, but its history lives on as one of the pioneers of the introduction of free market concepts to Poland.

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