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Advertising Rates

This page reviews the advertising rates for the Master Page and the Poland Import Export Chamber of Commerce Online.

Text link to advertiser web site with 250 character advertising text placed in special links section of the Master Page and special links section of the Chamber of Commerce.

199 Euro for six months plus 22% value added tax.

Payment may be made by credit card.

For information about how to pay, send email via Contact Form

There are also some other advertising options.

The Poland Chamber sends out a business newsletter three times a week to a mailing list of over 15,000 people. You may add a sponsored link in that newsletter.

Additionally, the MasterPage has a video in most of the pages in the site. We will send you visitors if you use the video response that is in the comments box under the video on YouTube.

This is free advertising for you. For when you add he video response, you video is displayed just below ours. So you get traffic from us.

Since we get over 2,000 views per day on our videos, you have the potential to have very inexpensive advertising.

At the bottom of the page you can find a link to where you can get information about this. And there are also other links about advertising.



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