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Master Page Article Submission Guidelines

The submission guidelines for adding articles to the Master Page.

The rules for submitting your information to Master Page are simple. Don't let them put you off. If you are not sure, do your best and submit the information. We will work with it and get back to you for your approval.

Your submission should be informative. It's purpose should be to give people useful information related to Poland, business in Poland, travel to and from Poland to other countries and specific locations in other countries. ( For example, information about getting from Warsaw, Poland to a ski area in Czech is appropriate.) It should not be an advertisement for a specific service or product.

Your place for advertising is at the bottom of the article where you may add information about you, your job position and your business and a link to a website.

By way of examples, information about how to get to a hotel from an airport, train station or other location is useful to travelers. The hotel gets advertising by nature of the article and it gets a link to its website at the bottom of the article.

Likewise an article about the area surrounding a hotel is useful information.

An article about the services that the hotel provides is not appropriate. The hotel can put that in its own website.

Keep the title length between 4 to 7 words and less than 65 characters including spaces. Do not use all caps in the title.

Keep article length between 700 to 2500 words.

Break an article into two articles if greater than 2500 words

Use short paragraphs (3000 characters maximum).

Use original content, created and owned by you. Don't plagiarize by using content written or owned by someone other than yourself.

Because the internet search engines penalize duplicate content, do not submit material that is copied from the internet.

Submit the article in Word Document or Rich Text Format. We will put it into html.

When using factual information, you should give credit to the source of that information at the end of your article (For Example Source:



Clearly, you cannot provide all the information every reader is looking for, and your article may stimulate a reader's need for more. Providing links to resources related to your article for your readers to go to for additional information is good netiquette. For example, a link to a google map to show location and a link to the locations website are appropriate.

When including external links in your articles,each link should be unique. In other words, each link should link to a different web page. For each link, a title, URL and description are required. Link to only relevant website(s). Link to only one page within a website.

For example, if you are writing about your trip to Krakow, links to informative pages for Krakow might be appropriate.

The articles that you submit to Master Page should not contain affiliate links anywhere in the submission.


At the bottom of your article you will be given credit in the following format:


"This article is copyright Your Name, who is (job description, position, etc . For more information about Your Name, you may visit his/her/company web site at"

The link to may be your business or personal site. It must be informative. It may not be a squeeze page, an affiliate link or made for adsense page.

Anonymous articles will not be accepted. You must stand behind what you submit.



Images can liven up an article and grab a reader's attention and/or give further explanation. Whenever appropriate, include an image with your article. We may add our licensed images to articles during editing, where appropriate, to enhance your article.

Pictures should meet the following guidelines:

Width: Between 100 to 400 pixels recommended

Height: Between 100 to 500 pixels recommended

Optimal file size of 15K, maximum 500K

In jpeg format (.jpg extension)

Choose images relevant to your article.

Proofread your article, including title and description, and use your word processor's spell checker.

Writers tend to get too close to their work, making it difficult to have a "fresh eye" for looking over the entire piece for "holes" and grammar / spelling / style errors. Therefore, proofreading sometimes works best if you leave the article sit for an hour or more before reading over it. It gives you some time to "distance" yourself from its contents. Better yet, have someone else proofread your work.



Submitting your articles to MasterPage does not entitle you to financial compensation of any kind. You will not receive compensation from MasterPage or the users of the Master Page for articles you submit.

The articles that you submit must be your own work. You may not submit articles written by other authors and the content must be unique. No re-branded articles allowed, you must be the sole copyright holder for each article you submit. Articles written by a ghost writer are perfectly acceptable as long as they are being used only by you.

By submitting your articles to Master Page, you grant us the right to publish your articles. We may publish your article anywhere on our website, blog, or syndicate through RSS. We may also change where it appears at any time. And you may ask to have them removed at any time.

Submitting an article in no ways guarantees inclusion in the MasterPage. We reserve the right to reject an article submission for any reason. And we reserve the right to remove any article at any time after it is accepted.

To submit an article, send it as an attachment in email to Master Page


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