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About Zumba in Warsaw, Poland with a video of a Zumba party. There are many Zumba instructors and generally a Zumba party or event is organized each day. Because Zumba in Poland is focused generally at the Polish people, if you search you will have to search in Polish.

An alternative method of finding information a Zumba in Poland, is to build the YouTube and look at the various offerings made by Zumba instructors in Poland.

Zumba Party

To the left is a video of a Zumba party that took place in a public school in the Zoliborz section of Warsaw.

The lead instructors at this party indicated that they are talking with his public school to offer Zumba at the school. It will be available to the general public.

As we get information about Zumba at that school, we will update this page and our video so that you have the most current information and can attend the lessons and parties.

If you are a zumba instructor, you are invited to make a video response to our video on YouTube. That will get you traffic from this page as well as from our video on YouTube. Information about why and how can be seen at How To Do A Video Response.

We do hold that the Zumba Poland page has been informative.

To book more or link to this page use Zumba Poland.

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