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About Wloscianska, Zoliborz, Poland

In this page is information about ul. Wloscianska in Zoliborz, Poland.

In particular, it gives directions to get to ul. Wloscianska 8.

First you get a copy of a map that you can use to find your way. Secondly you get pictures that you can use when you get close.




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tram stop

A view back to the tram stop at the corner of Wloscianska and Broniewskiego.




side road

This is this simply market at the corner of Wloscianska and Broniewskiego. It is directly across from the tram stop that is pictured above.



simply market

When standing on Wloscianska and in front of Simply market, and you are looking toward the Wisla, you notice a tall building on the left. That is a landmark to use to get to Wloscianska 8.



tall building on left

This tall building with red walls is directly across the street from Wloscianska 8. There are normally places to park close by.



front entrance

This is a view from Wloscianska 8 from the sidewalk on Wloscianska.




red walls

The entrance is away from the street. Walk up this small road to the entrance. The road is to the right of the building as you face it from Wloscianska.



Wloscianska 8

As you get to the end of the road the entrance to the building is on the left.

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