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The time in Warsaw, Poland and time anywhere in the world. Get world time here

World Time in Poland plus the time in any city in the world can be found by using this convenient world time converter. Because we are a travel and business hub in Central Europe, with emphasis on Polish travel, it is defaulated to time in Poland's capital, Warsaw. To find world time for any other location, just change the name of the city.

The default choice is for Warsaw, Poland. Poland is in the Central Europe Time (CET) zone. It is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +1. That means that the time in Poland is one hour later that GMT. To find the time in any other city in the world, make a choice from the drop down box for the name of that city or one that is closest to it.

Polish working hours are generally from 0900 until 1900 Monday through Friday. The Polish people enjoy many religious and national holidays so it is best to check holiday schedules if you intend to call on business.




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