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Wilanow Palace

A video tour and information about the Wilanow Palace in Warsaw, Poland.

The Palace is surrounded by the Royal Gardens which were added by people who owned the Royal Castle after the original owner King Jan Sobieski III.

It is one of the main tourist attractions in Warsaw attracting not only foreign tourists, but Polish people who come to Warsaw. Many thousands of students from Polish Public Schools come to the Palace with their classes.

The video to the left shows some of the beauty of the gardens.

There is so much more to see and so much more beauty when you actually visit them.

If you have a video showing the Castle or Wilanow, you are invited to add it using the comments box under the video. When you click in the comments box, you will get instructions to make a video response.

The original Castle was smaller than the one that is there today. It was also surrounded by the Royal Farms. It was a place where the King went to relax and get away from politics and wars.

He hunted on the Estate as part of his relaxation. The hunter's cottage exists today and is being further renovated.

The Palace is to the south of Warsaw. It is easily accessed by cab or bus.

You may visit the Palace interior. If you have limited time, however, you may enjoy more the Royal Gardens. The are remarkably beautiful.

At the bottom of this page there is a site map for other things to see and do in Warsaw and Poland. You are invited to scroll down and visit some of those pages for more about Poland and tours you can take.

There is also more information about other stops on the Royal Way.


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