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What Is Polish Amber

Understanding what is amber is important to the buyer and the seller. Learn how to understand amber here.

Poland has a huge amber industry that enjoys a long and deserved reputation for quality and service. It is somewhat ironic that buyers and sellers of Polish amber do not know what they are getting.

"Very few people actually can tell you what is genuine amber no less tell a fake from the real thing when they look at it," according to Gary Granai of the Poland Chamber, Inc. "This includes people who are selling amber."

Natural Baltic Amber is a gem stone that has been prized for centuries.

But modern technology has allowed creating things that look like amber and that are easily sold to unsuspecting buyers who are interested in getting a good deal.

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Amber And
Plastic Amber

Amber is found all over the world. Each region's amber is the product of the trees and the millennium in which the trees grew. Each has its own characteristics and value.

In the past chips, scrapings and low grade amber were used to make varnish. Now they are pressed under high heat to form genuine amber beads and settings for jewelry.

This pressed amber is mimicked by companies that make amber colored plastic beads. Some plastic imitations even contain small amber chips.

Young amber from places like the Dominican Republic are used to make Polish jewelry knock offs and sold at low prices, particularly in the United States.

Visitors to Poland are not immune from being sold imitations. In many cases they set themselves up to buy fakes, but unfortunately many people are just unsuspecting buyers who are sold a fake.

Some wholesale buyers come to Poland and demand prices lower than the Polish manufacturers offer to distributors. They often find them, but what they do not understand is that they usually end up buying amber knock offs imported from the Far East and sold as Polish amber.

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But both parties to such transactions are happy. The Polish seller sold a product and kept the business in Poland and the buyer got his "Polish Amber" at less than wholesale price.

To protect yourself from this happening to you, do your homework.

Amber is a gem stone. One should learn about that stone before investing in it.

The internet is a treasure trove of information about amber and the types of amber. One resource that you can find on it is the Natural Baltic Amber website. Go there to buy and sell Polish amber and to start your own amber business.


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